Seasonal Eating


Every food has a time of year that it tastes best. By eating seasonally you learn about growing cycles and taste everything at it’s peak. Because our vendors are all local, they can wait until your produce is just right before harvesting, ensuring you receive the best tasting fruits and vegetables around!

This chart gives a general idea of when specific types of produce are available locally. 

Fruit and Vegetable Chart for 2015 CSA
Produce May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov
Acorn-Squash x x x
Apples x x x
Asparagus x x
Beets x x x x x
Blue/Purp. Potatoes x x x
Broccoli x x x x x
Brussel Sprouts x
Butternut x x x
Cabbage x x x x x
Carrots x x x x
Cauliflower x x
Celery X X
Corn Meal X
Cucumbers X X X X X X X
Dry Beans X X X
Eggplant X X
Green Beans X x x
Green Onions X x x x X
Herbs X X X X X X X
Kale X X x x x X X
Kohtrabi X X X X
Lettuce X X X X
Mini-Melons X X X
Muskmelon X X X
Okra X
Onion Dry Bulb X X X x
Peaches X
Peppers X X X X X
Pickling Cucumbers X X X
Pie Pumpkins X X
Popcorn X X
Potatoes X X X X X
Radish X X X X X
Red Romas x X X
Rhubarb X X
Romaine X X X X
Romanesco X X
Salad Tomatoes X X X
Snap-Peas X X
Snow Peas X X
Spag. Squash X X X
Spinach X X
Summer Squash x x x
Sweet Corn x x x
Sweet Potatoes x x x
Tomatoes x x x x x x x
Yellow Tomatoes x x
Turnips x x x
Watermelon x x x
Wax-Beans x x x x
Zuchini x x x x

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