Our Producers

The quality of food you eat is determined by many factors, but none more than WHO produces it – and at Tomāto Tomäto, we only work with the best! Our farmers, producers and vendors take great pride in their work and the finished product it creates, as do we.

Please take a moment to learn about our local area vendors, and discover what a difference buying Local can make.



Located in Abie, NE they are dedicated to providing fresh, local, sustainable food to the community. They will provide green beans, lettuce, and many other types of organic produce. We are excited that they are joining our multi-farm CSA this year.



Marguerite Shaddy is an organic farmer located in the Loess Hills of Iowa and grows a wide variety of organic herbs for our CSA. (As well as an occasional turnip or squash if we can talk her into it!) She is very attentive to details and you will enjoy many dishes seasoned with her herbs!



Dan and Annette Hellbusch have been vegetable producers for over 30 years. Country Lane Gardens is located on their farm 5 miles east of Columbus, NE. This family of farmers is not like most conventional farmers around Nebraska. They work 8-5 day jobs then come home to their hobby-turned-business to put in more hours of work until the day is done. They raise a variety of vegetables and poultry with the focus on natural growing ethics.



A family owned farmstead dairy in Honey Creek, IA, Does and Divas crafts combined milk products including fresh chevre, feta and marinated feta, and aged tommes. The farmstead is the only sheep and goat dairy in the state of Iowa producing cheese since 2005.  An authentic cheese cave was constructed to age the cheese in a natural environment. Templeton Rye barrels have been custom fitted and placed inside the cave to age select tommes for development of a unique flavor.  In addition to their handcrafted cheese, nourishing goat milk soaps and lotions are produced using time honored production methods.



Clear Creek Organic Farms has been in the Bernt family for over 125 years. They always farmed with an organic mindset but weren’t certified until 2006.  They raise grass-fed beef, goats and pork. In addition they have a variety of grass-fed dairy products including cheese and milk. They believe that the health of the soil affects the health of everything and everyone that eats from it. Their farm motto is “Producing healthy foods for healthy families.” So the understanding of the soil health has been a very important part for them.



Erstwhile Farm, located about 3 miles west and 1 mile south of Monroe, NE made the switch to outdoor production after going all-natural. “We can’t keep the same system and say ‘Well, I’m not going to use antibiotics,'” explained Larry Stec, who, with the help of his wife Lynette, has operated Erstwhile Farm without antibiotics for the past 12 years.

Pigs at Erstwhile Farm feed on organic crops such as cornstalks and rye, along with green weeds, and Stec hopes to incorporate other vegetables like radishes, turnips and field peas into their diet. Organic grain comprising 75 percent of the feed comes from The Grain Place in Marquette. He believes it’s the combination of a better taste and all-natural label that draws customer to his product.



Susan and Gordon Miller have been farming for over 35 years. They began farming to produce healthy food for their family. Now they run a fantastic vegetable farm outside of Fremont, Nebraska. They are truly some of the nicest, hard-working people you will ever meet. Grandview Farm grows a wide variety of vegetables including kohlrabi, beets, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, eggplant and jalapenos.

Their farm practices Sustainable Agriculture. Organic mulches are plowed under to maintain microbial activity in the soil for efficient uptake of nutrients. Rotation of crops is practiced to minimize disease and insect pressure. By farming sustainable we protect the environment, keep soil fertile and raise high quality vegetables for our customers and our family.



Your Great Harvest Bread Co. in Omaha, Nebraska is a dream come true — the dream of Dennis and Marian Cihacek! They’ve been milling wheat and making bread for family and friends for 15 years. Their passion for great tasting, nutritious bread, and their desire to run a community-based business, led them to Great Harvest.  They make phenomenal tasting whole grain breads and bakery treats made from scratch daily, locally, authentically, with a smile.



Lad & Helen Jisa started a dairy farm outside of Brainard with just a few Holsteins. The dairy now milks over 300 Holstein cows. Lad’s son Dave married Bonnie and now they operate the dairy that provides the milk for Jisa Cheese.

The idea to build a cheese factory came about when milk prices dropped and small dairies across the Midwest struggled to stay afloat. Working with the University of Nebraska, Dave learned how make cheese.

Jisa’s Farmstead Cheese became a reality in the spring of 2005 at the 6,000 square foot plant, which is located one-half mile north of the Jisa Dairy Farm. The Grade A whole milk produced from his family’s dairy is used to make the cheese. We uphold the highest standards in making sure that our cheese is made in a clean and sanitized environment. Also, our milk comes from cows not treated with rbST.



Johnson’s Farm, located outside of North Bend, NE  grows a large variety of vegetables, raspberries, bedding plants, herbs. We offer a large selection, specializing in peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, watermelon and cantaloupe. In the fall pumpkins, squash and gourds are available. Our main growing season is May through October.

For 26 years Johnsons Farm has been at the market supplying customers with delicious produce. It is a family affair led by Robert and Ruth Johnson. Wonderful food from wonderful people.



Le Petit Paris French Bakery is pleased to offer authentic Artisan French breads and pastries like no other in Omaha. They bake all their products according to the exact recipes from France and prepare them in imported French deck ovens. Owner Cedric Fichepain was born in France and moved to the US in 1997 after marrying his wife – a Fremont, NE native. He also owns one of the finest dining establishments Omaha – Le Voltaire.



Nabor Produce Farm is a family farm located near York, NE on some of the most productive soils in the state. They grow sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, broccoli, and many other fruits and vegetables. Everything they grow and sell is put into refrigeration, appropriate for each crop, as soon after harvest as possible, which assures you of receiving the highest quality vegetables or fruits possible. Quality control begins with seed selection and continues right up to the point of sale, because they love repeat customers!


ONE FARM (Organic)

One Farm (Logan Iowa) provides Napa Cabbage for Tomato Tomato’s CSA. One Farm follows the basic C’s of organic farming: Compost, Crop Rotation and Cover Crops. These three priorities build soil, which is the foundation for an organic growing system. When supplemental fertilizer is needed, fish emulsion is the nitrogen source applied most frequently.



Pekarek’s Produce is a family owned and operated vegetable production operation. Ryan began the business in 2004 while in college. All of the produce is grown on his family’s land, near Dwight, NE, where he is still farming with his wife Katie and family.

Pekarek’s Produce raises over 50 varieties of crops on approximately 13 acres. The harvest season begins in April or early May with radishes, green onions, lettuce, and spinach. During the summer, the main crops are brassica crops; several types of peas, bulb onions, carrots, green and wax beans, zucchini, summer squash, beets, potatoes and cucumbers. By the fall, the main crops harvested are tomatoes, muskmelons, watermelons, sweet corn, winter squash, gourds and pumpkins.



Located in Burchard, Nebraska, Plum Creek Farms raises free range poultry without growth hormones and antibiotics. The chicken is butchered weekly and then delivered fresh (never frozen) to Tomāto Tomäto.


RANGE WEST (Organic)

We are a small family farm operation. We’re working hard to produce high quality grass-fed and finished beef.

Grass is the natural diet for ruminants like cattle. Grain in the digestive tract creates an acidic environment, ideal for the development of the harmful 0157-H7 strain of  E-coli. The neutral ph of the digestive tract in our grass-fed cattle improves the health of the cattle and greatly decreases the chance of E-coli contamination in meat. Healthier cattle mean we do not need routine use of antibiotics. Grain feeding causes Omega 6 in the beef to skyrocket while nearly eliminating Omega 3. The result is an Omega 6/3 ration of 20/1 or worse. The main reason we feed grass is because of the improved product we can offer the consumer. Many specialists advise cardiac patients to avoid eating red meat more than 2-3 times per week. Grass feeding changes the beef from something to avoid into a “Health Food” (as described in Men’s Journal).



Owners Savid and Sarah Bryan are located outside Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. They offer artisan breads, pastries, cookies, and other treats baked in a hand-built wood fired oven. Many of their breads are “gluten safe,” meaning that they were prepared using a process that renders the gluten harmless to most individuals with gluten intolerance or Celiac’s disease.



Marty and Karen Bredthauer, owners of Straight Arrow Bison are located near Broken Bow, Nebraska. Straight Arrow Bison Ranch is your source for all natural, grass fed buffalo steaks, bison burger, rib eye steaks, NY strip steaks, top sirloin steaks, roasts, cube steaks and many other wonderful cuts of lean and healthy bison.

We are a family owned business dedicated to protecting the environment while producing safe and natural meats that optimize your health and wellness.

Our bison are raised in their natural habitat on the plains of central Nebraska with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and clean water. The herd grazes on native grasses year-round, supplemented with prairie hay when the grass is not sufficient to meet their needs. Calves are left in the herd until they are nearly ready for harvest.

They are not fed corn or other grains, or given animal by-products, antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants. They are not given vaccinations. They are harvested in the fall after they have gained weight all summer from the green grasses. November and December are the best times to purchase halves and quarters but they can be purchased the rest of the year as long as the supply lasts.

Our bison processing is done in a USDA inspected plant under USDA verified HAACP program. Our products are packaged in clear plastic wrap or white freezer paper (halves and quarters). We have thousands of satisfied customers from fifteen successful years in business!



TS&M Orchard consists of apples, pears, peaches and blueberries. We also have a small crop of blackberries and gooseberries.

    We have approximately 4000 dwarf apple trees. Looking at them, these trees look too small to have fruit, but they do produce fruit and lots of it. Dwarf apple trees produce apples from your knees to as high as you can reach. The apples are full-sized, full-flavor and mouth-watering at harvest. The combined length of the tree rows is nearly 5 miles. In the Orchard there are Gala, Honeycrrisp, Honeygold, Cortland, Empire, Fuji, Jonathon, Delicious, Braeburn and Candycrisp apples.There are also a smaller amount of Lodi, Goldrush, and Macintosh apples. Each variety ripens at different times. Each variety has its own distinct flavor.  
    TS&M Orchard has both Asian pears and traditional pears. There are three varieties of each type. To date, there are 175 productive pears in the Orchard.
    Stanley plums started to produce in 2012. These plums ripen around September 20th and have great flavor. When any fruit is picked tree-ripe, it has the highest sugar content and best flavor.
    TS&M Orchard has nearly four hundred plants in an early state of production. Look for blueberry picking to start in July and last about four weeks.
    Black Satin thornless blackberries are great, big, melt-in-your-mouth berries. They are available for pick’n mid to late July.