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What is a CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture, most commonly known as a CSA, has become a very popular way to get healthy local foods and support your local farm economy at the same time. Interested consumers purchase a share, or membership, and in return receive a box of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.

When do the CSA seasons run?
Each of our 4 seasons run for 9 weeks on the dates below.

Season Begins Ends
Winter Friday 01/06/2017 Saturday 03/04/2017
Spring Monday 05/15/2017 Saturday 07/15/2017
Summer Monday 07/17/2017 Saturday 09/16/2017
Fall Monday 09/18/2017 Saturday 11/18/2017

How is the Tomato Tomato CSA different from other CSAs?
While most CSAs are connected to just one farm, our CSA is a collaboration of over 40 farms.  This lessens the risk to both the farmer and the member should we have a major weather event.  If farms in southeastern  Nebraska are hit, the farms in the north can cover for them.  Having a variety of farms also allows us to bring you a much larger variety of produce throughout the season.

How much produce is in a “share”?
The amount of veggies will somewhat ebb and flow throughout the season. A CSA membership is really you purchasing a ‘share’ of that weeks harvest.  It is hard for us to say “this will feed a family of four” as this all depends on how many veggies your family eats.  Any given week there are enough veggies for a little something everyday. In 2016 members averaged 240 pounds of produce per season.  An example of a box from the Spring/Summer would be: spinach, tomatoes, new potatoes, cucumbers, basil, zucchini, kohlrabi.

What are my CSA choices?
We have several different ways for you to enjoy your produce.  Below lists the Spring, Summer and Fall options.

  • Small Share: About half of the standard size share of fresh produce. Perfect for smaller households!
  • Share:  A standard size share of fresh produce.
  • XL Share: Double the amount of fresh produce. An ideal choice for larger households (or those with teenagers in the house)!
  • Farm fresh egg add-on:  One dozen farm fresh organic eggs every week or every other week.
  • Bread add-on: A fresh loaf of artisanal bread every or every other week.
  • Cheese add-on: A block of artisanal cheese added every or every other week.
  • Variety Meat Bundle: Includes roasts, steaks, chops, ground, whole chickens and more.
  • BBQ Meat Bundle: Features a variety of grill ready meats, including ribs, steaks, burgers, brats and more.

How much does a CSA membership cost?

Small Share 135.00 total 15.00 per week
Full Share 207.00 total 23.00 per week
XL Share 396.00 total 44.00 per week
Weekly Add-On 45.00 total 5.00 per week
Bi-Weekly Add-On 25.00 total 5.00 per week
Variety Meat Bundle 270.00 total 90.00 per delivery
BBQ Meat Bundle 270.00 total 90.00 per delivery

What are my payment options and when are payments due?
We provide numerous options to make paying for your CSA more convenient and affordable. You can pay for your CSA in one full payment, two half payments, or spread your payments out over the course of the season with our payment plan. The payment plan requires a $50 deposit and is followed by 4 bi-weekly deductions from your credit card on file.

Spring payment dates are as follows:

Full Payment

  • July 14th

Half Payment

  • July 14th
  • August 11th

Payment Plan

  • July 14th ($50.00 deposit)
  • July 28th
  • August 11th
  • August 25th
  • September 8th

What are my delivery options?

Is there a delivery fee?
There is no fee to pick up your CSA share at Tomāto Tomäto or at any CSA pick-up site with more than 20 members. At CSA sites with fewer than 20 members there is an additional delivery fee of $1.00 per week.

Where did the meat bundle option go?
This year we have new meat bundle options available, tailored to our customer’s needs.

Try our Variety Bundle to experience the difference in taste that comes from doing things the ‘old way.’ The Variety Bundle includes roasts, steaks, chops, ground, whole chickens and more.

We are also introducing a BBQ Bundle, which features a variety of meats that are grill ready. You will receive ribs, steaks, burgers, brats and more. A perfect add on for the pit master in the house!

Meat bundles are delivered with your CSA share during Week 2, 5 & 8 of the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. 

A La Carte options are also available any week. Send requests to meatbundle.tomatotomato@gmail.com

For more information on meat bundles please e-mail Questions.TomatoTomato@gmail.com or call (402) 933-0893.

Can I have just a partial share?
That will not be necessary. Just choose the small share option.

Last year it seemed I received three weeks of lettuce in a row.  Why? This is the nature of enjoying local food.  It may seem that for a few weeks some of the items repeat.  That is because they are in season and ready to be harvested.  The items we tend to repeat are popular, commonly used items.  Our best advice, enjoy eating it because it will go away before you know it and you’ll miss it.  If you feel like you are starting to drown in a particular vegetable, watch the newsletter for ways to preserve the food and enjoy it later.  If you can’t find your answer there please contact us and we will give you suggestions.

How do I sign up for the current season?
Please go to www.tomatotomato.org/csa select our Online Signup Form. You may also copy and paste the form onto an email and send it to questions.tomatotomato@gmail.com. We will send an electronic invoice that can be paid online. Or follow the link on the sign up page and register online.  

I’m having trouble signing up.  Where can I get help?
Please click on the “contact us” icon at the bottom of this page.  You may also give us a call at 402-933-0893 during store hours.  We will be happy to walk you through the process.

I will be traveling on the day of my pick up.  What are my options for my bag?
You can give us a call and we can hold it at the store for you to pick up at your convenience.  Or you can have a friend or neighbor pick up and enjoy your share.  If you don’t have anyone who will enjoy it, please let us know you will be gone and we will donate your food to someone in need.

Is it possible to change pick up locations once the CSA has begun
Absolutely, this is not a problem at all. Simply contact our office 24 hours prior to your scheduled pickup day and we will make the necessary changes to your pickup day or site in our system.

I am in the CSA through work and may be changing jobs.  What are my options?
You have two choices, you may drop out of the program, or are welcome to change your pick up location to the store or any of our other drop sites.  Many companies offer payroll deduction and if this is the case, you will just need to come into the store and settle up for what time may be remaining.  We have had many people change employment and almost every one of them didn’t want to miss out on the CSA share.  We can’t blame them!

Do you take SNAP card payments?
We do not but we have a partner in No More Empty Pots that does. Just contact them at (402) 502-1642 for all the details.

Who produces the meat, bread, cheese and eggs?
Our goal is to provide variety and flavor from our many different partners.


  • Range West Grass Fed Beef
  • Straight Arrow Bison
  • Erstwhile Farms Pork
  • Clear Creek Organic Farms Pork
  • Plum Creek Chicken


  • La Petite Paris
  • Great Harvest Bread


  • Clear Creek Organics
  • Jisa’s
  • Does and Divas


  • Country Lane Gardens
  • Clear Creek Organics

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