Corporate CSA

Who Participates in a CSA?
The CSA is for any individual or family that enjoys the adventure of healthy eating and trying new things. The quality, variety, and convenience of food delivered to you helps you consistently eat food that is fresh and in season. CSA members are pleased to know they help support the local farmer and farm economy.

What Benefits Will Employees Experience?
The CSA is a great way to bring health and wellness to your place of employment. Members will experience the convenience of fresh, local food delivered to them. In the 2016 season over 90 unique kinds of produce were delivered throughout the season. In addition, members receive weekly recipes with ideas on how to use the fresh produce in their bag. They will know the farmer who grows their food and where their farm is located. Food is harvested within a day or two of delivery.

How Does a Business Set Up a CSA?

  • Select the CSA season you want to enroll in Spring (9 weeks ) Summer (9 weeks) or Fall (9 weeks)
  • Select an on-site coordinator for your company.  Many times this is a member of your Health and Wellness committee.
  • Use tools provided to you by Tomāto Tomäto to promote the CSA within your organization.
  • Set up a pay roll deduction for employees.  This can be tailored based on your company’s payroll schedule.  (Employees love this feature but it is not necessary to enroll.  Some companies choose to let the individuals sign up through the Tomato Tomato website.)
  • Give Health & Wellness points to employees that participate in the CSA.
  • Create a Local Food Community among your employees where they share recipes, learn how to preserve food, and motivate each other toward healthy living.
  • Have the fresh produce delivered to your company.  With a membership of 20 people or more, Tomato Tomato will deliver the CSA shares to your office for free. Arrangements may be made if the site fails to reach 20 members.
  • Each week a produce box will be delivered to your site with the members name and order.
  • The current cost for a CSA small share is $15/wk, a regular share for $23 or an XL share for $44.  Egg, cheese and bread add-ons are available for an additional charge of $5 per week with your choice of weekly or bi-weekly delivery. 

If you have interest in setting up a Corporate CSA membership, please contact Michael Kult at or call 402-933-0893

What Seasons are Available For Corporate CSA Delivery:
Our Spring, Summer and Fall seasons are available for corporate delivery. Each season runs for 9 weeks on the dates shown below.

Season Begins Ends
Spring Monday 05/15/2017 Saturday 07/15/2017
Summer Monday 07/17/2017 Saturday 09/16/2017
Fall Monday 09/18/2017 Saturday 11/18/2017